Apple iWatch and iPhone 5S to Sport Fingerprint Scanners

Several reports have already suggested that Apple’s iPhone 5S will launch with a fingerprint scanner under the home button. The idea is what users will be able to securely lock and unlock their phone with a quick fingerprint scan, and it’s a feature that we’ve already seen in phones such as the original Motorola Atrix. Now one analyst says Apple’s iWatch will also offer the security feature.

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White published a note to investors on Wednesday that said checks with his suppliers in Asia suggest the technology will be built into the iWatch. It makes little to no sense, however, since there’s really no need to lock or unlock something that’s constantly stuck on your wrist.

White also suggests that the iTV will launch with an “iRing” for motion controls, even though the Siri voice engine already provides plenty of control. Better yet, Apple could build a sensor into the TV, similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, that would negate any reason to wear a ring. Is April fools over yet?

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]