GTA V is Cheaper in Britain Than Any Other Country

GTA's characters might be a bunch of villainous rip-off merchants, but the game itself is anything but. In an unusual reversal of the usual rip-off Britain, the UK is the cheapest place to buy GTA V.

Pre-orders here were around £35 for the hi-def crim-ulator, significantly less than our chums across the Channel are paying, and less even than in the US, which doesn't add VAT.

A copy of the latest in the larcenous series will set you back $60 in the US, which works out to £38 here. In France, this jeu video costs £41, while other euro-using countries are even more expensive: Germany is £47 (Xbox 360) or £48 (PS3); Italy is £45 or £47; and Austria is £47 or £50...

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