iPhone 5c CROCS Inspiration & Giveaway

It seems that Apple have been taking a lot of digs lately, with many saying they have not been innovating. With the recent launch of their new iPhone 5c, maybe they got their inspiration from the funky rubber footwear we all love so much. That said, even if their inspiration did come from Crocs, the colours certainly are vibrant. 

Here at Geekanoids, we were lucky enough to get our hands on an iPhone 5c today, in the striking green colour. You can see us unbox it here, in all its glory. Despite the back casement being plastic, it certainly does not feel cheap. Apple did their research and engineered the back from quality materials, that are solid in the hand, with no creaking or flex.

The screen, performance & overall user experience have been great so far. It is too early to comment on battery life with such a new model. There are plenty of charging options available out there today, so even if your 5c does run out of juice midway through the day, it is often not an issue. During my first day testing, I did find the back casing get a little warm though. This may be the battery or the processor, I am not sure at this stage.

Button placement and ports seem pretty much the same as last years iPhone 5, with the only noticeable change being along the bottom edge where the microphone, speaker, headphone jack & lightning connector can be found. The tiny drilled holes are finished to perfection though. Apple really have done a stellar job.

If you are as excited as we are here at Geekanoids about this new smartphone from Apple and really eager to get your hands on one, the awesome people at MobileFun are giving away an unlocked 16GB iPhone 5c … with a choice of colours for the winner. The giveaway is very easy to enter and can be found here. Give it a go, you never know your luck !