Which e-cig model is the future of the electronic cigarette industry?

Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes, sizes, colours and have different levels of technology within them, but where does the future lie for them? What kind of product will be the most successful?

As with all industries, there are many different options for the consumer. The main product that people are familiar with is similar in appearance to tobacco cigarettes. They generally have a 220 mAh battery which has a life of around four hours, they are also lightweight, convenient and very discreet. Then there’s also a tank style option. Not in a military vehicle sense, but a fairly sleek device which is larger, with a more powerful 650 mAh battery which lasts around 48 hours between charging.

Finally, there’s the mod style e cig. This is generally used by seasoned ‘vapers’ and they come in all different shapes and sizes with many different battery options, some with digital displays for voltage output control. 

The electronic cigarette market is expected to reach £285 million in 2014 in the UK and many outlets now stock the models that look like tobacco cigarettes. However, walking down your local high street you are more likely to find people using tank style options, such as the Freshcig eVolve.  Extremely reliable, they allow the user to save more money by refilling them with e-liquid and they have fantastic vapour production. And compared to the mod style e cig, the tank options are less intimidating and less complex. 

Electronic cigarette company Freshcig, based in Marple, have seen a huge increase in sales of their tank electronic cigarettes. They sell around five times the amount of eVolve’s compared to their ‘original’ products which look like a tobacco cigarette. This is a complete reversal of the original sales figures which the company believes is down to increased consumer awareness around the devices.

Whether it’s an e-cig that looks like a tobacco cigarette, a tank or a mod device, the demand for products is continuing to rise sharply. Which device will come out on top? Only time will tell, but in the meantime let us know what you think by commenting below.