Amazon Prime Instant Video Coming to UK

On Friday Geekanoids brought you the news that Amazon is possibly working on a Set-Top box to rival devices such as Roku and Apple TV. Today we want to talk about another recent change that’s happening at Amazon in a few days time and that is the launch of Amazon Prime’s unlimited streaming service. Whilst those of you who are in the United States will have had the Prime streaming service for quite sometime, it’s only now being released in the United Kingdom. The Amazon Prime streaming service for the UK is basically a rebrand of it’s LoveFilm service which Amazon bought in 2011 and would bring it inline with the Amazon Prime streaming service that’s been in the US for a while now.

If you already an Amazon Prime customer and signed up to take advantage of their free one day delivery service then you will already be signed up to take advantage of the new streaming service when it launches on Wednesday. If you're not already an Amazon Prime customer then you will need to signup for the service in order to get access to the new service which although it costs just £49 per year at present it’s about to jump to £79 a year. If you're looking to get in on the cheaper price you better be quick.

Unlike other streaming services this one is going to remained tied to the Amazon Prime delivery service so you can’t currently signup for just the streaming service or just the delivery service for a cheaper premium, sadly it’s all or nothing. Having said that it’s actually only a £7 per year increase for those who were already had a yearly streaming plan with LoveFilm’s instant streaming service also you get the benefit of access to over Amazon’s vast library of 500,000 kindle titles to choose from.