New Image features on Twitter

Twitter announced yesterday that it was rolling out some new features for images on Twitter. The first of the new features is the ability to add multiple images to a tweet (up to a total of 4) however this is currently only available on the official Twitter app for iOS with Android coming soon. At present it doesn’t seem possible to upload multiple images via the web interface, whether this will roll out or not remains to be seen.

Another feature rolled out is Image tagging, a feature that Facebook has had for a number of years now. You can now tag up to ten friends in a photo in a move which Twitter says makes photo sharing more social. Again this feature only appears to be available on the official Twitter apps for iOS and later Android and is not available on the web version.

To tag someone in a photo simply tap ‘Who’s in this photo’ and then type the persons username. Twitter will then send notifications to those users who have been tagged. Notifications can be customized if required and it’s worth noting that Twitter automatically opts you into the ‘Allow anyone to tag me in a photo’ option, which for those with a large following or those who are victims of frequent trolling may find this problematic. It’s simple to change this however under privacy setting and only allowing those who follow you to tag you or disabling tagging altogether.

Some people in the United Kingdom have reported that they have not got this update yet so it may be that Twitter is gradually rolling out these features as they often do. Whilst these new features are only available on the official Twitter for iOS app we will be getting an Android update soon.

Both the new photo-tagging and tweets with up to four photos will display in embedded tweets, according to a post from Twitter software engineer Cesar Puerta.