Bitcoin gambling – is it bringing along a revolution?

Since the very emergence of online gambling, no event in its history has probably been more radical and significant than Bitcoin integration, which is still ongoing. Today, Bitcoin casinos are growing increasingly popular among online gamblers all over the world, while ‘traditional’ gaming websites seem to be gradually losing a massive part of their clients. What can be the main ingredient of Bitcoin’s huge success in the online gambling industry?

Many say, its decentralized nature may be one of the crucial contributing factors, and they are very likely to be right. Essentially, this key feature of Bitcoin has had a huge impact on the Internet itself, and is one of the main reasons why it is becoming less dependent on data-centres, e.g. servers. Now, the Internet users’ machines (exactly, we’re talking here about your laptop/Mac, iPhone/Android-powered device or whatever else you use to go online) serve as replacement for the physical intermediary equipment needed previously to store huge amounts of data. As a result, people have their information stored more securely, with the access to credentials and other confidential data becoming very limited. 

Having good understanding of it, Bitcoin casino operators do their best to apply the latest digital technologies to mutual benefit of both their players and themselves, making their businesses more attractive in terms of innovation. Another reason why they switch to Bitcoin is related to financial matters, or, merely payment policy. The thing is, many online players seem to be fed up with how online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks treat them: deposits and withdrawals take too much time to be completed, the commission fees are unexpectedly high, plus entertainment portals and payment services operators they cooperate with happen to be charging money for almost ‘nothing’ from time to time. That has nothing to do with fair gambling, does it?

The introduction of cryptocurrency payments by Bitcoin casinos become the perfect solutions for all that. On top of instant decentralized payments and deposits, full transparency of all the transactions made, as well as enhanced personal data and funds security, you also get unprecedented virtual anonymity – an option so much sought after by modern online gamblers. People are feeling they didn’t get it all before in full measure, and now that they have all opportunities presented, it’s quite natural they are eager to get the most of those. Also, it wouldn’t be inappropriate to remind you that the primary Bitcoin users (and, logically, Bitcoin casino regulars) are young people easily adopting the latest technological advancements and knowing how to put them to proper use. This new generation is the outpost of the successive wave of the New Technological Revolution that has been ongoing for some decades already. If you ask them, they will tell you Bitcoin is definitely revolutionizing their everyday life, their habits, and the way they’ve got used to do certain things. They are the ones who know for sure Bitcoin and block-chain are not just about Bitcoin casinos and online gambling – nowadays, world’s most popular cryptocurrency is much bigger and possibly stronger than ever before, regardless of the recent BTC price fluctuations.

Now it is obvious Bitcoin’s strength has no relation to its current price. Bitcoin is strong because people need it to make their lives easier. And its potential is vast.