Charge your Devices Safely - Apple Meltdown

I anticipate that this will be an ever evolving article, which I will update from time-to-time with advice and any developments that come from Apple.

A short while ago I awoke to a partially melted Apple USB-to-Lightning cable. This resulted in some plastic peeling off the cable and adhering to my skin. In addition, plenty of phone calls to and from Apple took place. Check out my initial video below.

Following on from the initial phone calls, I was amazed at Apples initial response. Their engineers had stated that this was caused by "external sources". This almost rendered me speechless, but I pushed for a resolution and detail this in the video below.

For the safety of others, I will be following this up with Apple further. I want it taken seriously, as this could have been so much worse and could of course happen to others. 

This is where you come in … please use the comment system below or use our contact page to share you experiences with Apple cables and related products. Have you had this happen to you? Get in touch and we will feature as many as we can.