New Apple MacBook & Apple Watch Opinion

With the recent announcement of the new Apple MacBook alongside updated details of the Apple Watch, I wanted to share my thoughts on these new devices from Apple. I am also very happy to share some thoughts from Will Jones of John Lewis below.

Will Jones, Buyer for Tablets and Computing, at John Lewis, says:
"Apple's latest MacBook provides all the functionality you would imagine but housed in a thinner and lighter body with a higher-resolution display.  A redesigned keyboard, screen and battery enable the impossibly thin and light design, and being available in 3 colour variants means there will be fresh appeal for existing mac users too. The embracing of a USB-C port summarises the balance between design and function, this single socket will power and connect the MacBook. The introduction of a more portable model reflects a wider trend for fast-working, powerful gadgets that are easily transportable yet really pack a punch. Sales of Apple products have risen steadily over the past few years as consumers choose iOS compatible products, aligning with the popularity of the iPhone, and the MacBook category is one which has seen considerable growth with a +22% rise over the past month compared to the same period in 2014."