How good is the iPad for gaming?

The iPad Mini has been around for a while now and whether you love it or hate it there are some areas in which it excels - despite the late Steve Jobs’ aversion to creating such a tablet. Android lovers will claim that the iPad Mini is only popular because of Apple fan-boys but anyone who enjoys gaming on a tablet, whether for the casino games like Roulette at Ladbrokes or casual games like Bejewelled, will tell you that the iPad is excellent when it comes to gaming.

The iPad mini is Apple’s corner of the 7-inch tablet market, and although it hasn’t blown competitors out of the water, they have certainly matched expectations. The 1024 x 768p resolution is ideal for gaming, as the smaller screen means the graphics are more precise. Combined with the dual core A5 CPU chip, gaming on the iPad mini has slightly better specifications than its main rival, the Nexus 7.

For those who love a flutter at the online casinos, the iPad mini is the one to go for. Live casinos are now available on iPads thanks to companies like, who have recently launched their exciting array of tablet games and slots. Roulette is currently one of the favoured games as it is ideal for playing on the train during the commute, or whilst waiting for friends. Because of the immersive viewing offered by the iPad mini, less time-consuming games like roulette become more enthralling and can bring the feel of live casinos and dealers direct to your tablet. The superfast dual core A5 chip (same as that of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4) combined with the fluidity of Apple’s iOS 6 makes the gaming experience of this tablet a joy to behold. Despite people suggesting that the larger iPads are better for graphics, the mini’s minimal weight – only 308g – means that when playing your favourite casino game, your wrists will not ache from the weight over time. Whether holding through the centre or by the corners you can sit for hours on end while travelling or simply sitting in your favourite chair, and not think the tablet cumbersome and awkward as happens with the full-sized iPads. Although the placement of the speakers means that, when held horizontally, the sound can be muffled, and the placement of the headphone jack means the cable can occasionally droop across the screen, the iPad mini is easy to handle and draws you seamlessly into your gaming experience regardless of its size.

For serious gamers we think this is the ideal tablet and starting at £269 it’s a reasonable price for the amount of technology you’re getting. The next thing we’re waiting for from Apple now are expandable memory options.