Fashion Fail - SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1

OK, so I am aware that the new SmartEyeglass is a developer edition and will likely be refined when it comes to style when (or if) it is released to the general public. My question is, have Sony not learn from the failure of Google Glass that tech you wear on your face needs to look good? Add to this the fact that we now have a breakout cable, with puck-style box that houses the mic and some other tech. Clip this to you coat or shirt collar to look even more dorky. SHOUT "HERE I COME, I AM RECORDING YOU!!!"

Nokia invites you to stay tuned, offers augmented reality teaser

With just a day to go, Nokia has pushed out another brief teaser, this time pointing towards more map-based contextual functionality. It looks like whatever the company's got up its sleeves, alongside any new Lumia hardware, should include some map-based social network chops and City Lens features -- not much of a shocker given that the latter has just shed its beta status.

Update: Nokia's throw out another video -- which reveals that its good-looking star does manage to find those shoes. Phew. We've added it after the break.

[Source: Engadget]