iPhone 5 set for extra row of icons on taller home screen

The new iPhone 5 is getting extra leg room on the screen -- and filling it with an extra row of apps, it seems.

It looks as though the new blower's home screen will have five rows of apps instead of the current four on the resized screen, which is set to measure 4 inches across and boast a resolution of 640x1,136 pixels.

A series of leaked photos have showed the new iPhone to be taller than the current model when you hold it normally, or wider when you turn it sideways to landscape orientation. That means the screen is now 16:9, meaning no more black bars when you watch movies and TV, allowing your video to make the most of the screen.

9to5Mac discovered the fifth row of apps by changing the resolution of the home screen in the software simulator provided by Apple for developers to build apps. In the current version of iOS, the icons shuffle down a bit with extra space between them. But in iOS 6 an extra row is added, strongly suggesting the finished version of the software will have five rows of apps.

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