BBC Twitter accounts hijacked by 'Syrian Electronic Army'

Several BBC Twitter accounts were hacked today, seemingly taken over by a group calling itself the 'Syrian Electronic Army'.

Control of the Weather, Radio Ulster and Arabic Twitter feeds was wrestled away from the Beeb, with the hackers posting a string of bizarre weather reports for the Middle East.

Every dodgy tweet has since been deleted, though Digital Spy has used Storify to preserve the tweets posted on BBC Weather, if you're curious.

"Saudi weather station down due to head-on collision with camel," one tweet reads. The final tweet sent from the hijacked meteorological account read, "Syrian Electronic Army was here," with a link to the group's own Twitter page.

BBC Weather has apologised, tweeting, "Sorry about that, we were hacked. Normal service resumes."

To hack a Twitter account, you need the account holder's Twitter name and password. One way to make the microblogging service more secure would be to offer two-step authentication.

Using this process, when you sign in from a new location you have to enter your password as well as a one-use code that is texted to your phone. Facebook and Gmail both already offer this security option, which is extra secure as any would-be hacker would require access to the account holder's phone as well as their password.

[Source: CNET]