The Walking Dead is 50% Off on Steam Today

If you’ve been waiting for a solid chance to get The Walking Dead, and the previous sales weren’t timed quite right for you wallet, Steam is giving you another chance today. The Walking Dead is available, in its full first season form, for 50% off its typical price.

Pencils down, it’s now $12.49.

I personally loved every bit of The Walking Dead. It was a game that rocked my expectations, and Telltale delivered something stocked with great characters, tough decisions and an odd sense of depression. If you’d like to look at the flip side of the coin, though, our own Eric Frederiksen was not such a fan of the game.

The Steam version of The Walking Dead works on both PCs and Macs. Buy it now if you’ve been waiting for a nice price cut.

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Valve updating select Steam games with system requirements for Linux users

Linux for Steam might not be ready for mass consumption just yet, but we're now able to get an idea of what system requirements will be for some of the platform's games. Valve has updated select titles with Tux-friendly specifications. While some games don't appear to require a specific distro, Ubuntu appears to be the most supported thus far. If you plan on heading over to Steam's site to see if your setup cuts the mustard, double dippers be warned -- it seems that non-Linux machines will not display system requirements. We're guessing the masses will see something like the screengrab above as time marches on, though.

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GAME sells Steam vouchers in its UK stores, sees no dramatic tension in that whatsoever

GAME is certainly up for trying new things after getting a second chance at life, and today it becomes the first store in the UK to offer Steam Wallet Codes for purchase. You can buy £5, £10, £20 or £50's worth, and until December 7th, you can get a 33 percent bump in trade-in value, should you put the credit towards codes. Customers can also browse the entire Steam catalog on tablets dotted around the shop floor. While the vouchers will obviously make good gifts this holiday, and also appeal to those who don't want Steam knowing their card details, we're not sure how smart a move this is. We imagine there are still a few keyboard-and-mouse gamers out there who don't use Steam, but once GAME shows them the light, will they ever set foot in there again?

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Valve opens Steam for Linux beta registration, wants pros only

Right on schedule (ahem), Valve has begun requesting applications for the first Steam for Linux beta test. There are only 1,000 spots available, but the company is looking for "experienced Linux users" only -- presumably, ones that will be better at debugging than spilling zombie brains. So, if you've got a rig running Ubuntu 12.04 or above and decent Linux knowledge, head to the source link to register your interest.

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