IT Geeks are back in Trend

IT Geeks are back in trend and taking over. A new start up of Tech Geeks are taking over London, helping people with their IT needs in the comfort of their own homes.
Student@Home, a company have an army of IT students who are providing IT support to members of the public in the comfort of their own home. Launched earlier this year & so far they have 60 students working for them and are spreading across London (soon to be UK widespread).
CEO Kelly Klein believes students are the key to their success. Bringing their expertise to members of the public at an affordable rate. She also sees Student@Home as a business that supports real people with their needs in a new era where technology is part of our everyday life.  'There is so much to learn and by receiving relevant support really can change people's lives' said Kelly Klein.
Kelly believes there is a great opportunity for IT students to make a real contribution and share their skills and knowledge in such an innovative way to teach clients practical skills that make day to day tasks easier, quicker and more convenient.  Also to provide employment to IT graduates as unfortunately the highest percentage of unemployment post graduation lies in IT.
If you are a IT graduate looking to get paid to share your knowledge, get in touch with

Acer unveils TravelMate B113 ultraportable with student-friendly $399 price

Acer's TravelMate line of notebooks usually skews toward the business set, but its latest model is made for that other breed of on-the-go types: students. The new TravelMate B113 is an 11.6-incher weighing in at three pounds and measuring one inch thick. Processor options top out a Core i3 Ivy Bridge CPU with 4GB of RAM, and the hard drive offers a max capacity of 500GB. The 11.6-inch display sports a ho-hum resolution of 1,366 x 768 -- and isn't touch-enabled for Windows 8 -- but then again we're looking at a price of $399 and up. The B113 is available now at authorized resellers -- head past the break for the full presser.

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