KFC gets free UK WiFi through The Cloud: get some data with your drumsticks

Hey, it worked for McDonald's, didn't it? KFC would certainly prefer that its British customers hang around for long enough to justify a bucket of chicken rather than a Snack Box, so it's teaming up with The Cloud to offer free WiFi in all of its UK restaurants. The gradual rollout will just ask that visitors face a KFC landing page before they wander over to cat videos and ex-partners' status updates. We're glad to have one more avenue for internet access when we're feeling peckish, although we may question our path in life when we're Instagramming a Boneless Banquet For One.

[Source: Engadget]

Google Liberates More of Your Data With New Takeout Service

Google is once again trying to show itself as the friendly service that feels you own your ondata by adding a couple of more service to its Takeout product.

While Facebook continues to do everything possible to hold on to your data for as long as possible, Google has been adding more and more data liberation tools to its Takeout – now apparently being renamed to Takeaway – product. For some time you’ve been able to download all of your information from Contacts to your Profile, but now it has also added Blogger and Google+ to the services you can grab your data from.

The new Blogger extraction tool allows you to remove your entire history, or even as little as one blog post. On the Google+ side of things, you not only get your original posts, but also all of the data on the circles you shared it with.

Freedom of data you create should be a no-brianer, but it appears Google is one of the few companies that understands that.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]