The Great Tech Race

Some of Sky Sports' most well-known faces took to the race course this week as they put some of TV's most exciting gadgets to the test in a race.

Soccer AM's Tubes, Nasser Hussain, Carl Froch, Will Greenwood and Natalie Pinkham were the stars battling for glory as they marshalled one piece of technology each around the track.

Tubes was put in charge of BATCAM Drive, a 35mph small kart, while Nasser Hussain took charge of the The BATCAM drone, which is used in the Premier League, and is capable of flying at 40mph.

Carl Froch tried to find his way round the track on a Steadiseg – a modified Segway - with a Steadicam, while Natalie Pinkham drove the Sky Cart and Will Greenwood sprinted on foot, wearing a Ref Cam and Umpire Cam.

But the real question is… who came out on top? Watch the video to find out.