The Amazing Astounding Danger Mouse

I often ask myself, just how many items can someone review and still give a fresh and interesting evaluation that readers will be interested to read. This was more difficult to answer than I first thought, but I came to two conclusions. Firstly, it helps if the product is useful and well thought out and secondly, it pays dividends to actually use the product.

The Danger Mouse from MacMice fits nicely into both of my realisations and I am sitting here right now writing this review whilst actually using the product. I feel instantly at home with it for many reasons and all of these reasons fit into the ‘well thought out’ category.

Let me explain exactly what I mean and to kick off, you have no batteries to worry about. People rave about not being tied to their desk with wires, but let’s be honest, we are tied to our desks most of the time working, so what real problem does a tiny little wire cause... STOP right there, I said it, ‘tiny little wire’. The Danger Mouse chalks yet another win here with a nice lengthy and flexible wire, without actually measuring it, about 4 feet long and plenty to tuck down the side of the desk, or to get things looking neat and tidy without effecting movement of the rodent. Performance is great too, using laser technology with no lens makes the tracking ultra-smooth and very precise. For those of you who would like me to quote the numbers, it has a massive 1600cpi resolution, which for everyday work is really of no benefit, but start using apps where precision is critical and you will be very surprised at how good this mouse is.

Two buttons and a scroll wheel are pretty much a minimum nowadays and this is exactly what the Danger Mouse gives you. The two buttons make up the split top casing design and have a very positive ‘definite click’ feel, with not too much travel. The scroll wheel is a non-click design, so scrolling is very smooth and silent, it also acts as a third button when you press it down and it performs impeccably.

So if you are not fussed with having dozens of buttons at your fingertips, but would rather have a good quality, well built, wired mouse, then look no further. The Danger Mouse echoes the styling of Apple’s mice, in a nice gloss white finish and light grey cabling. It is also available in black, for those of you who own a black MacBook, you can now have a matching mouse! What makes this rodent stand out above the rest is its’ very smooth tracking, high resolution, nice buttons and above all else, at last we have a wired mouse with a decent length cable! Thank you MacMice, thank you !!!

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