Penny Pusher - Great for Christmas Fun

Do you remember those trips to the seaside? "Mum, can I have ten more pence please?" would be heard from the crowds of children visiting the local arcade. They would be totally pre-occupied with pushing pounds worth of pennies into the machines and so happy when they got a few coins back. The feeling of winning that money and seeing all that extra cash hanging over the edge.

Well, this Christmas you can relive that experience, but with many added bonuses. The first real bonus of buying the "Penny Pusher" from is that it costs just £19.95, so it represents a real bargain. Next up, you can claim it is for the kids, wait until they go to bed, switch it to silent mode and play all night.
The third real bonus is that you can never lose and although you know that, it is still very easy to get into the addiction mode, wanting to win some more pennies.

The Penny Pusher is approximately 35cm high by 25cm wide, it is made of plastic, but is very sturdy. Pop in some batteries and you are ready to go. The unit is supplied with 100 plastic pennies, but I found it worked fine with real 1p and 5p coins.
The two rotating switches at the bottom allow you to play with side lights on or off, music and to enable a tilt feature. If anyone cheats and tips the machine up, the ALARM sounds and things grind to a halt.

The only negative point about the Penny Pusher is that you win all the coins. It would have been nice if some fell down the sides into a secret money box. That should not detract from the 'fun factor' though. I had great fun playing with this and my kids loved it too (they were most disappointed it had to go back). The flashing lights, fairground music and just the whole concept is fun all the way.
If you want something for a great Christmas gift, fun with the kids at home, or an office party piece, then the Penny Pusher really is a bargain. It can be yours for just ninteenhundredandninetyfive of your little pennies !

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Price: £19.95
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