Macs for Dummies (nothing personal)

The Dummies range of books have been available for quite a while now, but I felt it appropriate to bring you this mini-review of 'Macs for Dummies' just before Christmas is upon us. The reason, well hopefully many many people will be receiving or treating themselves to an Apple Macintosh as a self-indulgent gift. Those who have experienced the Mac already know that it is one of the easiest computers to use and learn, but for some, who may not have had ANY experience of a computer, a bit of help is often welcome.

Where the Dummies books excel is that they explain things in plain English, and the Mac version does just that, with no techno-speak to be found. The books starts by explaining types of Mac, what different connections look like and your first experience with the Finder (the user interface). It continues by covering all aspects of your new Mac, from setting things up just the way you want it, printing, the internet and email. It also takes you through each of the iApps, by this I mean iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie etc. Then if you want to delve a little deeper, the no nonsense networking and troubleshooting sections will see you right.

I would not recommend this book to any experienced users, as it will seem a bit basic. For anyone new to the Mac, or perhaps 4-6 months down the line of owning one, then 'Macs for Dummies' is a must buy. It will point you in the right direction and make sure that you have the knowledge to really enjoy using and experiencing the new found freedom of a computer (Mac) and operating system (OS X) brings.

Macs for Dummies
Supplied by Wiley Publishing
Price: £14.99
ISBN: 0470048492
Pages: 408