iPod Fully Loaded Book Review

iPod Fully Loaded... a book that again takes me away from my lovely Mac screen, but promises to open up a whole host of useful features on my iPod.

Before reading this book, I thought that I knew everything about my iPod, after all, I have owned one from the very first generation. The first two chapters were much as I expected, covering using your iPod and iTunes for the first time. Not of much interest to me, but for the beginner provides some very useful information. Then things start to get a little more interesting, with what kit and applications are required to get your older analogue recordings (like vinyl records) onto your iPod.

The books continues to talk you through ripping DVD's with the likes of HandBrake and various other apps, and getting camcorder, PVR and video footage onto your device. Wow, now I did not expect this, and some of the tips are very informative indeed. Internet videos and free music are also touched on, but one subject I had never considered, was grabbing web pages for offline viewing, which could prove very useful for showing colleagues a great new site you have discovered.

How about e-books, google maps, your email, spreadsheets, databases? This book is like a Bible to the iPod, it contains so many good ideas, and then it doesn't leave you hanging. It tells you what you need to do a specific task, where to get it, and how to use it. Not that I am suggesting that you need to use your iPod for anything other than music or video, but imagine your friends face when you show them some google maps of the local area, now that is sure to impress. If you love your iPod, you will love this book.

Product: iPod Fully Loaded
Price: £13.99
Supplied by: Wiley Publishing
ISBN: 0470049502
Pages: 276