Herman Miller Mirra Chair Review - Sit Correctly

It gives me great pleasure to bring you a review of the Herman Miller Mirra chair, an ergonomic solution for all those people like me (in fact, probably most of the population) who either sit in front of a computer, or at a desk as part of their job, or when they finish a hard days work for some internet surfing in the evening. I am not in a position to quote hard facts and figures, but I find myself sitting at a desk for around 8 hours per day, and I would guess that this is quite normal for a lot of people. We all have aches and pains, so during my research it was interesting to learn that a lot of these can be put down to bad posture and unnecessary fatigue by sitting in the same position for extended periods of time.

Herman Miller offer well design chairs that provide the correct support and sitting positions, but in a form that does not look out of place in the modern office or home working situation. Design is often given priority by many people when choosing this type of product, so I was happy to see that the Mirra chair I am reviewing here really does look the part. Nice sleek lines, a very modern looking back and seat, and some nice colour combinations.

The company that supplied this chair to me was Home Working Solutions, a UK based company and authorised Herman Miller supplier. As well as the Mirra chair reviewed here, they also supply a wide range of ergonomic products and accessories including mice and keyboards.
For the Herman Miller range of chairs they offer a "Fast" service, which includes delivery at your home or office. The service has added value too, you don't just get a box dumped on your doorstep, you get the full lowdown on how the chair works, all the adjustments and benefits explained, and help with obtaining the correct settings for you.

On first sight, the Mirra chairs back looks kind of weird, but the varying size and shapes of the holes in the TriFlex back allows it to flex in different places. This really ensures that when you move it is both comfortable and offers the correct support. Taking a look around the back, there is also an easy to adjust lumbar support, which can be raised and lowered, and depth adjusted very easily. Even at this stage of setting up my Mirra chair, I was both hooked and impressed.

The seat height adjusts with gas assisted lift, the seat depth can be changed by rolling the front of the seat up and down, plus the leather padded arms can be height adjusted and angled accordingly. The adjustments don't end there, they continue with a very clever tilt lever. You can tilt the chair back, but also limit the amount the chair tilts, plus depending on your weight/strength, you can also adjust the force needed to tilt the chair by turning a tilt tension knob.
I had seen chairs that tilted before, but when tilting back with other chairs I found that the whole chair moved, so the seat angled back and my legs ended up in the air. The Mirra is different in this respect, as the seat and back moved independently, so your seat stays flat, this is an awesome design feature.

Prior to using the Mirra chair I often found myself perched on the edge of my seat, mainly because I was leaning forward to read something, or to carry out some intricate on-screen editing. The forward tilt option on the Mirra cures this bad habit, as the chair back tilts forward with your movement. This meant that I could now lean forward, but still have my back fully supported.

For a long time, I have got into many bad sitting habits, and I suspect that what I describe here is familiar to a lot of people. Making sure you sit correctly, have the correct posture, and frequently move and take breaks whilst working really is important. It keeps you feeling fresh and more productive. Now, the Mirra chair is not the most expensive in the Herman Miller range, but to some it may still seem quite expensive. At £499 it is a serious investment for most, but look at it another way and you are investing in your future and into increasing productivity. There is nothing worse than suffering with back ache, and a chair like this can certainly help a great deal. The Mirra comes with a 12 year warranty, with five years for the suspension seat part of the chair, with this in mind suddenly £499 for 12 years of use doesn't look so bad.

In conclusion, I would never have considered spending this much on a chair before trying one. Previous purchases for me would have been a visit to Argos or Ikea with a £60 or £70 budget. I have been there, done that, and found myself replacing my purchase year after year. Having had the privilege of using a Mirra chair, I would not hesitate in purchasing one. There are other chairs from Herman Miller, the more expensive Aeron and the lower priced Celle, As a start point the mid-range Mirra was very impressive and come highly recommended.

Product: Herman Miller Mirra Chair
Price: £495 (as tested)
Supplied by: Home Working Solutions
Fast Service Telephone: 0800 043 3278
General Enquiries: 020 8956 2880