Razer Pro Pad - Mouse Pad Review

When optical mice hit the scene they were touted to be capable of tracking on almost any surface, in much the same way that a CD smeared with jam would still play. Users soon came to realise that whilst optical mice were a massive step forward, if you wanted accurate movement the mouse surface was still very important.

The Razer Pro Pad aims to gives you a far superior surface to those 99p squishy jobs that you can buy in your local supermarket. Standard mouse mats are OK, but the rubberised offerings are not great for smooth optical tracking.
What you get with the Pro Pad is an anodized aluminium base, topped off with a very smooth white surface on both sides. The coating is non-slip, which basically means that if it ultra-smooth, whilst still offering the correct amount of resistance. Each side of the pad is slightly different, one being a little rougher and giving more feedback. On each corner of the Pro Pad are small foam rubber feet, that raise the surface about 1.5mm off the desk and stop the pad sliding around everywhere. Like the mouse surface, these are on both sides, so you can flip your pad over.

The size of the Pro Pad is huge, measuring 330mm by 265mm (and just 2.5mm thick), so you get plenty of room to move your mouse around. It does take up quite a bit of desk space, so I think it really is aimed at the serious user. That said, if you can accommodate it, then please do take a look as this is a very high quality product and will enhance the way you use your mouse.

Having tested a lot of mice and mouse pads, I can say that the Pro Pad really impressed me. The surface offers just the right amount of resistance and really is ultra-smooth. If I was searching for a negative, then making the Pro Pad 10mm or 15mm smaller would make it perfect (for me). If you own an optical or laser mouse and need it to track correctly, then I highly recommend that you check out the Razer Pro Pad today.

Product: Razer Pro Pad
Price: £19.95 (average UK)
Supplied by: Razer USA Ltd
Contact: saleseu@razerzone.com