Kensington Notebook 70W AC/DC Adapter 33335EU

Kensington make a lot of decent Apple gear (and PC bits too), FM transmitters, keyboards, mice, docks, hubs, the list goes on. Here I am taking a look at their Notebook 70W AC/DC Power Adapter for Apple.

This adapter offers a lot more than just charging a specific device, which adds great value. The main unit outputs 70W maximum, so this will determine if it gives enough juice to power or charge your device.
On one end of the adapter you plug the power cord, which comes supplied in the package for a UK, USA, 12V DC (car), and Empower (airplane) socket. It is multivoltage, so is OK with 120V to 240V inputs. The cord for connecting to your power source is pretty short, so the slimline adapter must sit near to the socket.
The other end of the adapter accepts the cord that will eventually connect to your device, this is about 2.5 metres long. On the end of this your plug what Kensington call a 'Smart Tip'. In this Apple oriented package you get smart tips for the older PowerBook G3, iBook etc., a tip for the newer PowerBook G4 series, and a tip for any iPod with a dock connector. So if you are an Apple user most bases are covered.

Other tips are available for a whole host of devices. Various laptops, MP3 players, mobile phones, digital and video camera, and portable games consoles. Checking out the most popular, you can buy extra tips for the Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, Samsung and Creative MP3 players, and almost all the mobile phones seem available. Of note, the new MagSafe connectors found on the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro are not covered, due to Apple's licensing. Even though these tips are not in production at the moment, my guess we may see these sometime in the future.

As I mentioned earlier, this package outputs 70W of power, which will be suitable for most portable devices, with the exception of larger laptops. If this is the case, and you want to cover all possibilities, Kensington do sell a non-Apple specific 120W version. Buying this more powerful option gives you exactly the same flexibility, except you will have to add the Apple Smart Tips to your initial purchase.

The Kensington Notebook 70W AC/DC Power Adapter for Apple has an average street price of £80 and offers a great solution to powering your Apple and other kit, all with one adapter. This is great if you travel, or want to simplify things in your house. If you own an Apple laptop, iPod, PSP, Nintendo DS, and some sort of mobile phone, you can now charge them all with one device. Well done Kensington, this is a superb product.

Product: Kensington Notebook 70W AC/DC Power Adapter for Apple
Model Number: 33335EU
Price: £80 (average)
Supplied by: Acco UK Ltd.
Contact: 0845 603 1730