Belkin Wireless G Print Server Review

The Wireless G All-in-One Print Server at first glance looks like a very useful offering from Belkin. The ability to plug in any USB printer, even one with a scanner built-in and use it on a wireless network seems like a real boon. I just hope that this product lives up to expectations, where so many other offerings seem to fall over themselves at the first or second hurdle.

The unit itself is very compact and comes supplied with everything you need, except a USB cable (which you should have for your printer anyway). The install CD is really easy to use and allows you to set up the little unit, in my case, under 10 minutes did the job. After running the install CD, configuring the print server and wireless setting, it was connected to my wireless network. I installed my Epson R1800 printer drivers, attached it to the print server and voila, I could print to the R1800 over my wireless network.

Because you install the standard printer drivers, all the usual options you would expect to see if hard-wired are available. And, although I was testing this with a standard inkjet printer, it is claimed (and I have no doubts) to work with multi-function devices, supporting both scanning and faxing, in addition to printing.

In addition to printing wirelessly, which is absolutely fantastic, the unit also sports a memory buffer. This frees up your computer a lot quicker, as queueing is handled by the print server, rather than in your computer's memory.

So, all in all, I was impressed. For such a small price you get fast wireless printing, ease of set-up, all in a very neat package. Well done Belkin, this product certainly gets my vote.

Product: Wireless G All-in-One Print Server
Price: £59.99
Supplied by: Belkin UK
Contact: +44 (0)1933 35 2000