Keep your kit Crisp n Dry with Overboard

A little bit late for Glastonbury this year, but what the heck, the great British summertime is upon us, so we are bound to get wet one way or another. If you take part in any type of water sport, or just fancy walking around the rainy UK, then the products sent to me by OverBoard may well be of interest to you.

OverBoard make a range of waterproof technology cases for a whole range of items. Varying in size and shape for mobile phones, cameras, iPod, handheld games consoles and the like. They use what is referred to as a Slide Seal System™ which really does seal the item in the bag, so it is nice and safe. The small waterproof phone case that I tested with my beloved K800i is a perfect fit.
The phone pops into the case, then the top closes together over two sliders, which you push towards the centre of the case to seal your prized possession. Once inside, I bravely put my K800i into a bowl of water, dunked it about a bit, pulled it out and dried the case off. I can honestly say, that no water entered into the case at all… very impressive. According to the specification, you can get away with up to 6m of water, so if you did accidentally drop your kit into the swimming pool, it should remain nice and dry. Apart from water, the case also protects against dirt, sand and dust. It is also supplied with a neck lanyard, which securely clips onto the case.

I also had a 15 litre Dry Flat Bag to test, which measures 35cm by 37cm and holds a lot more kit. It has an adjustable shoulder strap for comfortably carrying around, and when not in use it packs down to a nice compact size. The Dry Flat Bag is a different prospect, and is not a submersible bag. Instead, if it is dropped into water it floats. Again, out came some of my trusty gadgets, a camera, iPod, mobile phone and a rain jacket. All fitted in with no problem, and ten minutes later I had a bath full of water to drop the bag into. Sure enough it floated, and when I checked the contents all was fine and dandy.

The OverBoard range has highly impressed me. The design is nice and clean, with a modern touch. Most importantly, the product works, doing exactly what the manufacturer claims. Another massive plus point is the price, which has been kept very low, so the whole range certainly offers excellent value for money. If you want to protect your kit, then I urge you to check out the range at and get yourself protected !

Product: OverBoard Small Waterproof Phone Case
Price: £14.99
Product: OverBoard 15 ltr Dry Flat Bag
Price: £17.49
Supplied by: OverBoard Accessories Ltd
Contact: +44 (0)1932 232126