Untold Legends Dark Kingdom PS3 Review

We covered the US launch of the Sony PS3 some time ago now, it seems like ages since we brought you any PS3 coverage, so it was nice of Electronic Arts to send us 'Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (ULDK)' to review.

I have always wanted to get into Dungeons & Dragons (the board game) and really wanted to try World of Warcraft, but what stopped me was the dedication (and time) required to play. So, when this game touted itself as 'The Ultimate Next Gen Action RPG Experience' it caught my attention. Maybe, just maybe I could get my fix in a pick up and put down format. By that, I mean that I want to be able to grab a game, play it for half an hour, then be able to come back to it later.

ULDK gets off to a good start with some stunning graphics. Even the player select screen is stunning, with some great level of detail on the characters. At this stage the game introduces you to the storyline, and I was thinking "Oh no, this is going to be boring", but then you are thrown into the action, quickly taught some awesome moves and the blood is (literally) flying.

You work your way through battling various opponents, including some rather rabid creatures. Along your way, hacking and slashing through whatever gets in your way, you get items to pick up. Pieces of armor enhance your protection, as well as various spells and add-ons for your weapons. Your team that accompanies you help, but in what seems a very random way. Maybe, further in the game there are options to determine how you are helped in the harder battles, I certainly hope so.

Each stage is completed with the obligatory 'boss', but in a way that does not break the fluidity of the whole story. This is very well done, and eases you into the game, by not making the first few bosses overly difficult. You can also save your progress at various points, so this game definitely fulfills my need of having something I could play in short sittings.

As well as the single player, there are also co-op and internet modes. Each of these modes play perfectly and add superb value to the gameplay. In summary, the graphics are excellent, the sound is awesome and the gameplay (although a little repetitive) is a joy, the perfect balance in fact between difficulty and enjoyment. I would certainly recommend ULDK to any gamer who wants to experience a magical action packed RPG, without having to spend hours and hours on dedicated gaming.

Product: Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
Price: £49.99
Street Price: £39.99
Supplied by: Electronic Arts
Contact: 0870 2432435