iSkin Cerulean X1 Earphones - Blissfully Good

Pumping those iPod sounds into your brain is an easy task, but to do it with style you need to invest in earphones other than those supplied in the box. The iSkin Cerulean X1 in-ear style earphones offer superb construction, some impressive specifications, and they really can add some bling to your ears too.

For just under $100 (or £50 in the UK) you have a lot of earphones to choose from, so the Cerulean X1 really need to deliver. First impressions out of the box are that the X1's are really built very very well. They just ooze quality. The simple matte black design, accented by some polished black and silver details mean that you could easily mistake them for jewellery. But being pretty is only half the equation...

Getting in the comfort zone is very easy too, the silicone earbuds are very comfortable indeed. They do not go really deep into the ear canal (like some other manufacturers earphones), instead they go just far enough in to give a good noise isolation from your exterior surroundings. Playing simple elegant pieces of music, with vocals, results in a very pleasant sound. The vocals are warm and the detail is not lost in the slightest. Moving onto more complicated tracks with deep bass (for example Black Eyed Peas... yes I like them) and the X1's give an ultra deep response. they never sound muddy or distorted, even at high volumes they perform superbly. This sonic performance can really be attributed to the metal allow speaker house and the 9mm drivers that use, and I quote "rare neodymium earth magnets". I have listened to a lot of earphones in all my years reviewing and the X1's are certainly the most well behaved. That doesn't mean they are dull though, in fact they are very exciting and engaging to listen with.

If you want to update your iPod earphones, then the Cerulean X1's from iSkin are a must buy.

Product: iSkin Cerulean X1 Earphones
Price: £69.99
Supplied by: iSkin Inc.
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