Ring RAC600 Automatic Digital Air Compressor Review

From time to time we bring you alternative reviews, and whilst this one is far out wide to the left, it is worth covering. Over the next month, we will also bring you reviews of two other great products from the same company, that cross over nicely into the tech world, so stay tuned.

The Ring Automotive RAC600 is a automatic digital air compressor. You can use it to pump up all your inflatable toys (footballs, swimming pools etc), guest beds and much more. Where it really excels is the units accuracy when used for car tyres. Plug it into a 12V accessory socket in your vehicle, predial the psi/bar setting, press the big yellow button and the RAC600 springs into action. Whilst it is doing its inflation the noise is a bit of an eye opener, but it it no noisier than other units on the market. Once inflated, the unit stops, and upon checking the results the RAC600 was spot on in ten out of the ten tests I performed. So top marks there.

The 12V (cigarette lighter) plug is fitted with a 3.3m cable, plus the air hose length is pretty good. This means that even on larger vehicles you should have no problem in reaching the four corners. There is also a white directional torch light and a red light that could be used if you find yourself stranded at the roadside. When your finished, the power cable and air house wind up and pack neatly inside the main unit. The whole thing then packs nicely into the supplied zip case.

For around £25 the RAC600 is very good value, and will certainly save you a lot of time and effort. Great for motorists and equally as useful for those holiday beach trips with the rubber dingy.

Product: Ring Automotive RAC600 Digital Air Compressor
Price: £25 average
Supplied by: Ring Automotive
Contact: +44 (0)113 213 7389