Sennheiser MM 50 iPhone Headset

This classy looking headset will in fact work with any iPod or MP3 player, though it was specifically designed for the iPhone. It'll work with either the original generation or the new iPhone 3G. The MM 50 iP from Sennheiser is an all black affair and I must say it looks really classy. They are supplied with a useful 1.3m cable length, that seems less prone to tangling than other offerings.

Using an in-ear design, to both help acoustics and block out unwanted noise, you get three different sized silicone ear sleeves. They do not go too deep into the ear canal (I hate deep fitting ear phones), so they feel really comfortable. In use they block out a decent amount of noise from the outside world. The acoustics when listening to music or watching a movie are sublime to say the least. With a frequency response of 18-22,000Hz you really do get a deep bass response, very rich and full bodied. Midrange is very good too, with only the higher end lack (but only by a cats whisker).

The MM 50 iP does not stop delivering there... the 'iP' at the end of the model number should give the game away. As I mentioned earlier, although you can use this with virtually any MP3 player that sports a 3.5mm connector, they were designed for use with the iPhone. They have a slimline 3.5mm plug, so they will work with the original iPhone without the need for an adapter, or of course with the iPhone 3G which negates any of these special needs anyway. They sport an intergrated in-line microphone, which has a button to start/end calls. Acoustically, the microphone delivers yet again with a wide frequency range. I performed a lot of test calls and the recipients reported a nice clear voice quality, with no distortion. When on the receiving end of a call I experienced this first hand... voices sound very natural and accurate, I could definitely tell the difference between the Sennheiser mic and the one that Apple supplies with the iPhone.

Everything about the Sennheiser MM 50 iP ooozes quality. The physical feel of the headset, the comfort factor and the superior audio and mic quality all add up to a superior product. It delivers on all fronts.

Product: Sennheiser MM 50 iP earphones
Price: £59.95
Supplied by: Sennheiser UK
Contact: +44 (0)1494 551551