Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review - Sony PS3

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the latest release from Electronic Arts. My impressions of the game are pretty good, with plenty of gameplay choices presented with some awesome graphics. Throughout the game spawning points are nicely handled with a choice respawning at select map locations or even from other player positions. Throughout my first few days with the game, the only thing that seems to let it down is the accuracy of the weapons. For example when quick scoping with a sniper rifle or scoping in for that one-shot kill, more often than not I was only achieving a hit marker. Maybe my accuracy will improve with time, but the weapon performance just seemed to let me down a little. That said, this is a first rate game and certainly looks very pretty. A contender for some of my Modern Warfare 2 gameplay hours :)

Check out this video showing online multiplayer action, including a quick look through the menu options too.

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