Canon EOS 550D - Part 6 - Testing performance

Canon EOS 550D - Part 6 - Testing performance with the Samsung SDHC Plus Memory Card. This card from Samsung offers some really robust features, like being water, shock and magnet proof. It is also rated as a class 6 card, so offers up some fast transfer speed. Check out the video to see how it performs.

*Update. Whilst the Samsung SDHC Plus card did not perform that well for video capture in the Canon EOS 550D, it has performed flawlessly for photo capture. It also worked fine when tested with other HD video camcorders that I am testing. This points toward the Canon EOS 550D being the problem in this particular case. There have been quite a lot of early reports that the 550D is fussy about certain types and speed of memory cards. This may well be corrected in a future firmware update from Canon.

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