PC Build Series - Video 9 - RAID set-up - Installing Windows 7 + Benchmarking

In this video I show you the RAID setup (this is not needed for a regular install). This is followed by the Windows 7 installation and then some benchmarking figures both with the Windows Performance Index and Heaven Benchmark v2.1.

There will also be three extra bonus videos on the channel over the next couple of weeks. A close-up of the wiring connections. This will be followed by a CPU Cooler Upgrade and a 256GB Crucial Solid State Drive.

Windows 7 Home Premium OEM price at time of build £77.63.

Total Cost of this PC Build: £1,327.79.

Possible savings - Corsair 650W PSU, slightly slower processor, Asus HD 5850 GPU, 4GB RAM (instead of 6GB), 1 x 1TB hard drive (instead of 2), DVD Writer (instead of BluRay). This would have taken the cost down to £923.70.

Heaven Benchmark v2.1: http://www.unigine.com/download/