Apple iPhone 4 - The Official Review

If you are into tech, you will know about the iPhone 4. If you own a television (and have switched it on lately), you will know about the iPhone. Even if you don't talk to anyone else, you will have heard about the iPhone 4. This latest version of Apple's smartphone takes things to the next level, with HD video capture, multitasking and a new high resolution retina display. The only thing it doesn't take to the next level is its signal strength, well at least the tiny bars in the top left of the display. It seems like Apple have made a 'huge' mistake in the algorithm used to display what cellular signal you are actually getting. Is the new iPhone 4 worth selling your old mobile phone for? In this video I give you my full impressions about the Apple iPhone 4, including showing you the reported antenna reception issue.

Supplied by: Apple