Apple MacBook 2.4GHz White Unibody Mid 2010 - Crucial Memory Upgrade

In this video I perform a Crucial Technology Memory Upgrade on the Apple MacBook 2.4GHz White Unibody Mid 2010 model. A close-up look at how to perform the upgrade, with before and after Geekbench scores.

Crucial Technology also gave some insight into how memory upgrades can effect Mac performance... While synthetic benchmarks are a great way to measure certain aspects, they don't always capture what the desired outcome of a memory upgrade is, being increased system performance and a better user experience. In actual use, 8GB of RAM with 64-bit operating systems allows more, and larger, applications to be run entirely from RAM at an access latency of under 20ns, whereas accessing data on the hard drive can have access latencies in excess of 4 million nano-seconds. The result being a much better user experience, snappier UI and overall increased productivity.

When looking at performance results it is important to check if you are mixing new memory with previously used or installed modules. This can have an effect of performance gains. Even the slot order used can alter the results.

Another technician at Crucial Technology also shared the following… I believe that processor speed will be the determining factor on how quickly the test would complete. The processor governs the overall speed of the system, but the memory provides it with a workspace to store information it is using. There are several articles out there showing that some of these bench marks do not use real world applications.
Also with these benchmarks you are just constantly accessing the memory in a single tasking operation in a
way that it does slow the overall performance down in these benchmarks. 4 GB of RAM is minimum and optimum for single tasking operation (benchmarks), for multitasking more memory and a 64-bit Operating System.

Supplied by: Crucial Technology