Zomm - unleash your mobile phone!

Hey guys it’s TheDelusionzHD here doing a guest review for the geekanoids website. Today I will be reviewing the Zomm, World’s first wireless leash for mobile phones.
Now on to the review there are things I do not like about this product, but let’s start with the positives the Zomm is a very light in weight and yet still packs a big punch. Also the Zomm was invented by a Mother and won the 2010 innovation award at CES. Next the Zomm is charged via a micro USB which is a nice touch instead of a proprietary port. One of the things that isn’t so good about the Zomm is that it connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth technology so if your mobile phone does not have Bluetooth v1.2 or higher this product is no use to you.
So what does the Zomm do? It is a wireless alarm that connects via Bluetooth, and if you leave you mobile phone 30 feet or more behind it will make an extremely annoying chirping  sound, and there for that will notify you to go back and pick up your device. In a sense the Zomm will prevent you from ever losing your mobile phone again, as long as you have it connect via Bluetooth and the Zomm itself is charged.
Onto the next feature of the Zomm is it has a mobile speakerphone built in, so for example if you’re driving home from work you can answer the call by clicking the Z button once or double click it to cancel. If you are ever hurt or in a situation where you can hold down the Z button until the panic alarms sounds and continue holding the button until the alarm stops.  The Zomm also comes with a plastic belt clip and a keychain attachment that connects via a little cut out on the top of the Zomm. And in the box you get a Micro-USB wall charger to charge your Zomm and to get a full charge it will take about 4 hours, and a full charge will last about 3 days in my experience. Also in the box you will receive a micro-USB update cable to get your Zomm updated to the latest firmware, and a quick start guide as well.
The feature I do not like about the Zomm… it will drain you mobile phone a lot faster. If you would like to pick a Zomm up yourself you can do so at their website and is currently $79.99 USD or for about 59 EUR, the Zomm come in 3 different colors white with blue accents, black with blue accents, and pink with white accents. Guys this was a guest review of the Zomm Wireless Leash for your Mobile Phone for the geekanoids website if you’re interested in seeing more content from me you can do so on this link.
Until next time peace and love to all!