Comb Over Charlie HD for BB PlayBook

Comb-Over Charlie HD is a very addictive, yet simple game for the Blackberry PlayBook. It is one of those games that you can play for hours and have not really accomplished much by the time you have to stop.



Comb-Over Charlie begins with a simple opening menu that lets you access everything you will need to access to enjoy the experience of the game. I really liked the font and design of this game as it gave it a childish yet at the same time mature look to it; very clever design. Anyway, on the first screen you are given four buttons to choose from: Play, Help, Scores and Thanks. Hitting the Play button obviously take you to the next screen from which you can start playing, but I shall get back to this later. Help takes you to a little image-by-image tutorial that you can slide through that gives you simple instructions on how to play the game. Scores brings up your highest offline scores (no online scoring enabled as of yet.) And the Thanks options brings up an image that shows who the game was created by and who they owe additional thanks to.


Now, when you click Play you are taken to a different screen that lets you select which level to wish to play. However, as with most games, you can only select the levels that you’ve already played and therefore have already unlocked to play. There are eight levels to beat in the game which isn’t a lot, but it took me a good couple of hours to complete them all (mainly because I am appalling at the game.) You also are given star ratings on each of your levels (similar to Angry Birds) based on your score. The controls for the game are very simple, you tap on the screen to make Charlie go up and you click the fire button to fire in a straight line.


The downfalls of Comb-Over Charlie are quite evident from the beginning; although I’ve raved about its simplicity, in a way it’s all most too simple. There are no transitions in this game, the screens just feel like pictures that have links on them instead of pages that interact with one another. Another downfall is the mere lack of actual levels; even though I said that there was enough to keep me entertained for hours; this was merely because I am terrible at this game. I couldn’t see somebody who spends a lot of time on tablet games taking very long on this game at all. It would also have been nice to see other game modes other than just the basic, also some new weapons and a lot more content in general. Basically the big downfall of this game is that it is too simple for my liking.


Comb-Over Charlie HD is a very addictive game however, it is addictive in that you don’t have to really push your mind to play it, so even when you fail, it doesn’t feel like you’ve lost a lot. This game wins for me because it’s a game you can easily pick up and get straight into playing with the simple navigation to a new game and the ability to select a level you’ve already played. Check out this game if you’re looking to kill off some time in a long car journey or in a waiting room.


Written by Luke. Twitter @l_harknessYouTube Channel