Geekanoids & TechnoBuffalo Meetup Apple Store Covent Garden

Geekanoids & TechnoBuffalo Meetup Apple Store Covent Garden.

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Apple TV v2 2010 - Full Review

I have been using the new 2010 Apple TV for about a week now and in this video I share with you just how it has been performing. I take a look at how the tiny Apple TV might work in your set-up. As well as looking at the UI for renting movies and streaming content.

Supplied by: Apple

Apple TV v2 2010 - Features & Menu Tour

This is my second video in the series, showing you the new 2010 Apple TV v2 features. A complete menu tour, with a look at renting a movie, streaming HD trailers and searching YouTube. The included Apple remote control is used, plus a demo of using Apple's Remote App to control the Apple TV. Plus a little tip at the end of how to easily sleep your Apple TV.

Please check back on the channel soon for my full review & opinion about this product.

Supplied by: Apple UK