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Creative Zen X-Fi Leather Case Review

Having used the Creative Zen X-Fi (16GB) for almost a month now, I wanted to let you know about the leather case that is available for the unit. The video review of the Zen X-Fi MP3 player is in production right now, so should be on the website in the next couple of weeks.

I want to kick this review off on a very positive note, that this case is a lot better than the silicone case that is also for sale. It is slightly more expensive at £14.99 but is made from a nice quality black leather. It just feels so much more worthy of the price tag.

Open the case up and simply slot your en X-Fi in via the opening on the left side. There are cut-outs in the case so that the main controls remain accessible. Of note, the SD card slot has no cut-out, so to access this you have to remove the X-Fi from the case. This is not much of a problem, as in my opinion the SD card does not get changed all that often. The screen and all of the main control buttons are not covered when the case is open. Yet again, as with Creative's silicone case, no film type screen protector is provided.

The front flap is nice, no padding, but it is hardened with card inside. The inside of this flap has a nice soft finish, with a logo embedded into it it. The outside of the front has nine little circles on it, just a styling touch, they have no actual function. This flap snaps shut with a magnetic closure and provides nice protection to the X-Fi when it is not in use. This is a very nice case and will serve you very well to protect your little gem.

Product: Creative Zen X-Fi Leather Case
Price: £15.99 MSRP (£14.99 average)
Supplied by: Creative Europe
Contact: 0800 376 7954