Barrington Dual Watch Winder

As part of my new channel launch, I was given the opportunity to review a luxury watch winder. If you own more than one automatic watch, this gives you the luxury of having your second or third watch ready to wear without having to reset the time and date. 

The Barrington Dual Watch Winder that I tested, offers a highly polished finish and amazing controls over how your luxury watch in wound. Barrington also offer single and quad winders too. Check out the model I tested in the video below.

This Week on Geekanoids

It has been a busy & exciting week on the Geekanoids Channel. Below are all the videos I posted to the channel. The week started with GWR, my recap video and was quickly followed by my Top 5 Video Games, which I am very passionate about. Excitement mid-week included new Rolex watch releases and the week drew to a close with a trip to the CU Exposed tech event in London and a new Panasonic 4K video camera delivery. Check out all the videos below.

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