Sound Asleep Pillow Review - Do Not Disturb!

Do you have trouble dropping off to sleep? I know I do sometimes, and having my earphones in my ears has led to some really uncomfortable awakenings. If you fall asleep listening to your iPod (or other MP3 player) with earphones in, then you certainly know what I am talking about. Painful lobes, tangles of wires, and sometimes being woken up by my beloved iPod falling on the floor. Well, the Sound Asleep Pillow aims to solve all this.

Basically, for £20 each, you get a nice comfortable pillow, with a speaker built in. Out of the top corner of the seam there is a wire protruding, into which you plug your iPod, or any sound source with a 3.5mm mini-jack connection. An extension cable is also supplied, that connects between the pillow and the gadget you are plugging in.

I had my doubts about how effective the Sound Asleep Pillow would be, but I was really surprised. At low volumes it is quite hard to hear, but from mid-volume up to full, when you place you head on the pillow you can hear music really nicely. Speech is also nice and clear and overall pretty impressive. Where this scores extra marks is that it does not disturb your partner or the rest of the house. Move you head more than a couple of feet away and you cannot hear the sound. At full volume you can hear it slightly, but certainly not enough to disturb anyone.

This solves a big problem, that I mentioned right at the beginning of this review. It stops you getting tangled wires and more importantly prevents sore ears. This product is ideal to soothe you off to a good nights sleep and the price is pretty good too. It'll make a superb present (something a little different don't you think?) or why not treat yourself. The sound is not astounding quality, but it isn't meant to be, it simply does what it says on the packaging. The Sound Asleep Pillow is available direct or at a good selection of retailers detailed on their website. This is a great fun product and is worth the asking price.

Product: Sound Asleep Pillow
Price: £20
Supplied by: Sleep Limited