SyncWear Shirt - Wear your iPod !

The newly designed SyncWear MP3 Shirt for the iPod Nano certainly was something a little different for me to look at this week. This is a second generation design from "Malachi & Company" under the new SyncWear name. For a very short history lesson, the previous generation shirts were sold under the PodWear ProActive name.

This short sleeve shirt is made of 100% polyester and to touch it feels very high quality. If you look at the stitching it really is impeccably made. The shirt is very lightweight and lends itself well to sports use, though it could be used for any occasion. So let's take a look at what makes this shirt unique…

As the title suggests, the SyncWear Shirt was designed with the iPod Nano in mind, but it does offer a lot more besides, so if you don't own a Nano please keep reading. At the base of the shirt is a dual-layer 3-in-1 side pocket. One of the inner pockets is custom fitted for the Nano, the pocket next to this will accommodate a USB type MP3 player, such as a 1st generation Shuffle. There is then a layer of material between these two small pockets and a larger storage area. The idea for this larger area is to bundle up your excess headphone cable. The pocket is then secured with two velcro tabs.
Now, at a pinch I managed to fit a full size 5th generation iPod in the larger pocket, albeit with only one velcro tab secured. I also managed to fit an Archos 404 Cam MP3 player in there, with both velcro tabs secured. This should give you an idea of just what can be used with the SyncWear Shirt.

Along the side of the shirt are two fabric loops, through which you thread you headphone cable. This keeps it nicely tucked out of harms way. The upper loop is just below the neck on the front of the shirt (as shown in the photo). This is my own minor problem, that whilst this works absolutely fine, I personally would have like the same loop repeated on the back of the shirt, just to give me another wearing option, but I really am splitting hairs here.

The blue SyncWear Shirt that I tested is a really nice deep navy blue colour. It was (and still is) very comfortable to wear, it is very useful and above all, it looks very stylish. It is also available in black, red, and black with navy trim, plus their is also a women's cut version. I never thought I would be impressed by a piece of clothing, but know I find myself saying that "a T-Shirt has made me me want to go out more and get active with my iPod". Anyone who does a sport, or carries their iPod around a lot, should pick up a SyncWear Shirt, you really won't regret it.

The RRP on the SyncWear Shirt is $33.99, but for a limited time you can pick one up for $29.99 with free ground shipping in US and just $8.99 shipping to the UK. This equates to a total delivered cost of around £20 for the UK, which I think represents great value for money.

Product: SyncWear Shirt
Price: $33.99
Supplied by: Malachi & Company