V-Moda Vibe Duo - posh earphones for iPhone

I have reviewed V-Moda earphones before (the Vibe earphones), so when I learnt that they had been working with Apple to produce a quality earphone/mic combo for the iPhone, I got all excited. Sure, you get earphones with the iPhone, but as per usual, we always strive to have better sound. Seeing as the iPhone is a damn good iPod too, it surely deserves the best.

The V-Moda Vibe Duo earphones will set you back just under $100 or £70 in the UK. They are available in three colour finishes, Nero black as reviewed here, chrome, and GunMetalRouge, a red metal colour. Let's get the technical bit out of the way first. These are light, weighing in at just 13g. They offer a frequency response all the way down to 12Hz for great bass reproduction, and all the way up to 22kHz for those high details. They comes supplied with various size silicone ear fittings, to ensure a comfortable fit and just over one meter in cable length. There is also a microphone built in, for taking/making calls, with a call control button for taking calls and play/forward features of the iPod part of your iPhone. You can of course use these with a regular iPod, and just not take advantage of the mic. So, if you also own an iPod, this may be a way of getting great earphones for two devices.

Down to the nitty gritty, and I am happy to say that the Vibe Duo earphones performed impeccably. For phone use, the incoming sound was crystal clear. On the other end, compared to the Apple supplied set, the microphone delivered much clearer vocals, less muddy. When listening to music the bass extension was awesome, you got a real feel of depth to the music. Vocals were warm, yet any mid-range or high-level detail was very natural. With cheaper earphones you sometimes get this mechanical nature to the music, but this was nowhere to be heard in my tests.

Apart from the sound reproduction, the comfort of the Vibe Duo earphones was brilliant. I used the medium sized silicone fittings, which gave me a snug fit. They don't fit as deep in the ear canal as some others, so I found them much more comfortable. The finishing touches that make these worth the extra spend is the detailing, quality construction, and even the neat leather case you get to pop the earphones in when not in use. If you want to treat yourself (or your ears) to some glorious sounds, then splash out on a set of Vibe Duos, it'll be money well spent.

Product: V-Moda Vibe Duo Earphones
Price: $99.99 : £69.99
Supplied by: V-Moda
Contact: Click here