Waterfield Designs Racer-X Laptop Bag Review

We are very pleased to bring you our video review of the Racer-X laptop bag from Waterfield Designs. This nicely designed bag is available in a variety of sizes, we take a look at the Apple MacBook version in a rather fetching black/red combo.

Update: In the video we mention not knowing what the zip on the rear of the bag is for. Oooops, this is our mistake, the exterior pocket on the back has a zippered bottom so it can be slipped over handles on wheeled carry-on bags, a very nice idea, sorry we missed it.

We liked the Racer-X, a lot, very high quality material and superb manufacturing quality. The Racer-X should be high on your list if you need to carry your laptop around.

Product: Racer-X Laptop Bag
Price: $169 to $189
Supplied by: SFBags
Contact: 877-546-1040
Outside the US: +1-415-546-1040