New Mighty Mouse !!! FIRST POST TOO !!!

Hello and welcome to the first posting to Geekanoids. This site has been published to bring you news and reviews of all the latest, greatest (and not so greatest) gadgets. Anything remotely resembling a gadget, console, or game will appear on these pages. Where possible, as well as the latest news, we will try to offer up some full reviews too. So here goes with a very short review of Apple's New Mighty Mouse.

Ever since the birth of Apple, users (of which I am one) have been given the choice of a one button mouse, or, errrrr, a one button mouse. PC users sneered, savvy Mac users maybe gave in and bought a two (or more) button PC mouse, and so it was written that if you wanted to use an Apple mouse you had to use your keyboard to modify the type of click.

 Now with the mighty mouse, we have a choice. The top of the mouse still only has one button, which is made up of the complete top of the mouse. There is also what I would describe as a nipple, which acts as a all-way scroll ball.

Back to the buttons, well this is the clever bit. The top of the mouse is touch sensitive, so depending on which finger pushes the button down, this determines if you get a left or right mouse click. In theory and in the main this works very well, but if you do one left click and then a right click (without slightly lifting your left finger first) the mouse actually gets it wrong. This is because it thinks you are still holding the left mouse button down.

The nipple works very well and allows for vertical, horiztonal and DIAGONAL scrolling, it is superb, and the mouse even emits a small clicking ratchet type noise from its' speaker. Yes, you heard me correctly, Apple's new Mighty Mouse has a mini piezo speaker built into it. Superb or what !?!

Finally, there is also two side buttons on the mouse. The unfortunate part is that do not work independently, they act as one button, which can be assigned various functions.

Overall thought, the Mighty Mouse is a giant leap forward, it feels great, very smooth, and with a few software tweaks, I am certain it will be a real winner. Buy this item with confidence, but put aside a little time to adjust to it.