Gadgets in time for Xmas from

We all love gadgets! Buy me a gadget for Christmas and I will be a happy boy (it is the gadget that keeps me young). Gadgeter who can be found over at has just launched a new improved site with 100's of essential electrics, including weird and wonderful USB gizmos and high-tec toys. It’s the place to go for anything gadget related, from remote controlled cars and digital watches to pocket camcorders and self stirring mugs. The products range in price from £1 to £160, and so on this new easy to navigate site, your online shopping basket will soon be stocked up with some fantastic gadgetry goodies.

I have picked my favourite already, if someone bought me a Honey Bee CP2 helicopter and popped it in my (large) stocking, it certainly would be a Christmas to remember. Imagine flying this around, landing it in the snow and causing winter havoc... much more fun than building a snowman.