Latest Leopard Screenshots hit the Net

The nights are getting colder. Only 65 days left until Christmas. Then before we know it the new Leopard OS with all that new mac goodness will be upon us.
For me, this is the most exciting OS release to come from the Apple camp for many years, perhaps even more so than OS X itself. With lots of refinements and many new features, it should deliver something useful and productive for everyone.
The latest screenshots, reported to be legit, have popped up on TUAW and show the new look iCal, anti-phishing features in Safari 3 and a look a the new parental controls.
Personally, I am looking forward to playing with 'Spaces' and getting my hands on 'Time Machine'. It will be interesting, when using Apple's new realtime backup feature, to see just how effective it is. Will we all suddenly need to start buying terabytes of storage to give it enough room to work?
Seems like things are hotting up, let's hope the ride on Leopard is a smooth one.