It's a Shure Thang !

I love my iPod. Next to my Apple lap friend, my iPod is the best item I have ever purchased. It allows me to listen to my favorite Maccast podcast (had to get that in somewhere!). When not listening to tech news, I really enjoy my music. Don't even ask me how much money I have spent on my speakers.

Now, here goes with some real honesty. My iPod earphones only got used a couple of times, then I bought some alternative ones. They are Shure earphones, but they soon will be. The demo I had today of the E2c earphones convinced me that I need to save up £59 to buy some. The richness and detail it added to the music was astounding. Then I listened to the E3c and E4c, wow am I going to be broke. Then the Shure guys just made my bank manager very unhappy. The E500PTH earphones had to be literally torn from my ears. I just did not want to give them back and that was after just two minuted of listening with them.

I am not one to normally abuse my editorial position, but "if you are reading this Shure, please get in touch, please send or lend me a pair of E500PTH earphones!" They really are that good. Check them out at