Nike + iPod Feel Good Factor

Spending too much time in front of your screen? Taking a break to play for XBox 360? Nike would like you to get out and about with your Nano and start pounding the streets and shedding some pounds.

The Nike + iPod stand had a real, feel good factor. With three enormous treadmills, plenty of Nike trainers, kitted out with transmitters, plus iPod Nanos with their suerb little receivers plugged in. If you are not in the know, this bargain piece of kit allows you to exercise with your iPod. You can run or exercise to specially tailored tunes and your progress is recorded in your iPod. Then when you connected your iPod, you can upload the data to a special Nike website. You can then track your progress, with some pretty nice features and graphs.

The music was pumping at the Nike stand. If you want to get fit whilst having fun, check it out whilst at the Mac Expo, or visit