New MacBook

It goes without saying that you would see an entry following Apple's new product announcement.

The MacBook was released on Tuesday and wow, was I happy to see what they have done. A nice revision (albeit small) to the design, nice new magnetic clam type closing design, with a 13inch widescreen display.

The keyboard looks ultra-cool, with keys that pop up through the moulded casing. This might take some getting used to, but I do like the look of it.

On the spec front, DUAL CORE all the way (excellent), integrated graphics, nice HD CTO options, superdrive on the two top models, oh and the BIG news is the top model comes in a Matt Black colour. This is great news, finally an option of black, I just hope Apple or third party manufacturers will come out with black remotes and cables etc.

A full review of the MacBook will be posted here in about 7-10 days time, so come back soon...